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about rockroom


our mission is to make and share some great wines as part of a community that nurtures itself as it helps build a better world.  what we mean by all that can be found in our four foundational cornerstones:


wine integrity  This first means sourcing the best fruit available grown by talented winegrowers in small vineyards that are ideally suited to the varietals they produce.  Then we hand sort the grapes, ferment in small vessels and use limited intervention to allow the fruit to reach its fullest expression.


sustainability To begin with, our sources are positioned for sustainable farming because experienced winegrowers plant varietals that do well on the vineyard site they have chosen.  Combining these fundamentals with wise water management, elimination of chemicals that persist and innovative pest and fungus controls creates an earth-friendly vineyard that is sustainable and in some cases even certified organic.


community  We make wines that we love to drink with family and friends: wines that enhance cuisine and the conversation that flows over a shared table.  Societies that for generations have enjoyed good wine understand its link to community and we seek to deepen that understanding.


social responsibility  Like most entrepreneurial ventures, if things go well we cover our costs and generate a profit. What we have decided to do with that profit is invest it, all of it, in life-affirming ventures in the developing world.  Not a donation, these zero interest microloans return to us over time to be redeployed again: a virtuous cycle from which we draw great satisfaction.   






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